My Story

My name is Amy and I am thrilled that you found my blog.  I am a girl who is blessed beyond comprehension.  I have an amazingly hunky husband named Ben who makes sure that my life is never dull.  We're high school sweethearts who've been married for 20 years and we feel incredibly blessed to be walking through this journey of life together. 

As if life with Ben weren't exciting enough, we are also raising two beautiful teenagers.  A 17 year old son named Ryan and a 14 year old daughter named Courtney.  Who knew that teenagers could be so much fun?  For years, I feared the "teenage years," not really knowing what to expect.  Now I have two amazing teenagers and if I could, I would keep them this age forever.  They are great kids, amazing athletes and they're super smart.  By the way, I take very little credit for any of that.  They have an amazing dad and they purposefully seek after God's plan for their lives.

I've been blogging less than 3 years which means that I'm relatively new to the blogging world.  When I first entered the food blogging world the purpose of my blog was to simply share recipes with my family and friends.  It didn't take long before I realized that the blog was evolving into so much more than a means of communication and a chronological collection of recipes.  My blog had become a place for me to share the triumphs and struggles of my daily life. (And a few recipes along the way.)

One of my passions is photography and I love to post pictures of my family, my overactive weimaraner and food.  Most days I post step by step instructions for my recipes because I just think it's easier for my blog followers to follow a recipe with pictures. 

I love being a food blogger.  It is one of the coolest jobs in the world.  I never imagined that I would be the person walking through the grocery store with a camera in my hand.  The girl who takes their camera to a restaurant and photographs everyones meal before they are allowed to eat.  A girl who finds herself saying things to her family like "Don't eat that - I have to take a picture first."   I never dreamed that I would be that girl or that those words would come out of my mouth, but I LOVE it!

I am so honored that you have chosen to read my blog and follow my story. You inspire and encourage me everyday just by logging into My Story in Recipes.  Your devotion to the blog has stretched and challenged me both personally and creatively.  I truly believe that this community of blog followers is among the very best.  I am blessed by all of you.



  1. It is great that you are continuing doing the thing that you love. Tell everyone I said hello. The kids are really growing.

    Dale E Cole

  2. It was great to meet you, your husband and daughter today. We are so pleased that Cyndie and family have such a nice family close by. She has mentioned you all often and also told me about your blog. I love it! We also thank you all for introducing them to your Church. It has been a godsend to the family and Bob and I loved being there too! Will enjoy your blog and hope to see you all again!

  3. you're amazing!!! you have very creative and delicious recipes and wonderful stories.

  4. Going to try your apple chips out today. Read your story and enjoyed finding a blog that is God centered. You and your family are beautiful, God has blessed you richly.