Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Treats

Easter is just one week away - let the baking begin!  Last week, I broke out the melting chocolate and started dipping.  I made chocolate dipped crackers with peanut butter filling and chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels.

If you are still looking for a few things to tuck into a basket next Sunday, you need to check out these super easy recipes. 

To make the chocolate dipped crackers with peanut butter filling, you will need a box of butter crackers, creamy peanut butter and melting chocolate. 

Sandwich 2 crackers together with peanut butter.

Melt some white chocolate in microwave. 

Dip each cracker sandwich into the melted chocolate and place on waxed paper to cool and dry.

Drizzle the chocolate crackers with melted chocolate in other colors. 

To make the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels you will need 2 ingredients: peanut butter pretzels and chocolate.  (Yes I know - that was obvious.)

Dip each pretzel in chocolate and let dry on waxed paper. 

I packaged some of the pretzels into treat bags that will reappear next Sunday morning. 

I love Easter.


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