Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brunch Lunch

I would label my daughter a "cereal fanatic."  She loves cereal and she eats a lot of it.  (I have to buy it in bulk now.)  She eats at least one bowl of cereal when she comes home from school and another  before she goes to bed at night - a habit that she started when she was a toddler.  When she was barely old enough to put words together - she started asking for "cereal milk."  I think that she would eat it for breakfast everyday without complaint if I let her.  Most mornings, I make a hot breakfast for Ben and the kids before they head off to school and work.  On the mornings that I do allow my daughter to eat cereal for breakfast, I make sure that she also gets some protein to balance out the carbohydrates.  (peanut butter toast, hard boiled egg, yogurt, etc.) I never have to worry about her getting enough whole grains or calcium in her diet. 

It really isn't a bad snack choice as long as she continues to eat cereals that are relatively low in sugar.
She eats a variety of cereals and generally she chooses healthy cereals.  She likes Life, Cheerios, Shredded Mini Wheats, Oh's and Kix.  A couple of summers ago she even sent a letter to General Mills letting them know just how much she loved Cheerios.  Several months later, she received a package of goodies in the mail from the company in response to her letter.  (t-shirt, puppet, boxes of cereal, etc.)

Since she loves cereal so much, several years ago I decided to start incorporate it into her lunches as well.  Today I send her to school with a "Brunch Lunch".

Bagel, cream cheese, yogurt, cereal, milk, strawberries and a granola bar. (And a bottle of juice)

This is how I packaged it up to fit into her lunchbox. 

 And off she goes.  It's going to be a great day at school - and even it it isn't - at least I know lunch will be great. 

Bon Appetit!

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