Saturday, February 2, 2013

Football Egg Cupcakes

I'm just going to say this right off the bat and get it out of the way because I know it's what you're all thinking: No, I have not lost my mind.  I saw this idea of baking cupcakes inside eggshells on Pinterest and I was so intrigued by the concept that I just couldn't pass it up.  These cupcakes would be a perfect snack to serve at your Superbowl party tomorrow night.  They look like they would be really hard to make but they really weren't all that difficult.

I used a corkscrew (to poke a hole in the bottom of the egg) and a little nut pick (to get the egg out of the hole) to hollow out the eggs.

Rinse the eggs inside and out.  Soak in a bath of salty water for 30 minutes.

Dry upside down on paper towels.

Start by drawing the lines on your egg with a white crayon.

Prepare dye with brown food coloring, hot water and a little bit of vinegar.

Soak eggs in dye until desired color is reached.
Dry eggs. 

Make a tin foil nest inside of a muffin tin to support each egg.

Make a batch of your favorite chocolate cake batter.  (I used the dark chocolate cupcake batter that I use for my cherry bomb cupcakes.)  Scoop into a pastry bag.  If you don't have a pastry bag, use a ziploc bag and cut the corner off. 

Pipe batter into the hollow egg shell.  This is the tricky part because you can't really tell how full they are.


If you fill them too full, they will overflow in the oven.

If you don't fill them up enough, you will end up with partial eggs.

Obviously, I was still getting the hang of this.  Now that I have one batch under my belt, my best advice would be to use a syringe to squirt the batter into the egg so that you can measure the amount of batter that you are putting into each egg.  This is how my football eggs turned out.  

I scraped off the overflowing batter but unfortunately, it also took some of the brown food coloring off of the eggs.  Overall though, I was happy with my first attempt at Football egg cupcakes though. 

I was so excited that I had to peel one right away to see if it worked.  Take it from me - wait until they cool or the cake will stick to the shell.  (It's a work in progress.)

Once they cool completely, you can crack the eggs on a table and peel the shell off to reveal your cupcake football.  Too cool.

Football egg cupcakes - nothing to it.


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