Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lighten Up

It's time for me to "lighten up" - in more ways than one.  I have a tendency to dwell on things that are really not important in my life.  For the purposes of the blog however, I will let you in on my secrets to how I am going to "lighten up" my diet and spare you the details of how I tend to get hung on negative energy. 

Lighten up for me means that I eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods.  Making myself a fruit infused water to drink alongside my healthy dinner makes me forget that I'm not eating as many calories.

To make my flavored water, I added a couple of Meyer lemon slices, some fresh mint leaves and a few fresh raspberries to an empty water glass.

I added Trader Joe's lime seltzer water to make a sparkling water drink.

This water was so good, it didn't take me long to finish it.  I left the fruit in the bottom and I continued to refill the glass with still water.

To go with my refreshing water, I made a coordinating salad.  (Can salad's really be coordinating?)

I started with a bed of romaine and spinach leaves.

I added pistachios, fresh mint and fresh raspberries.

For the dressing, I whisked together some blood orange olive oil, the juice from a Meyer lemon and a teaspoon of sugar.

This was one delicious dinner.  The key for me to "lighten up" is to make healthy food that tastes really great.  As for the other "lightening up" - still working on that.



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