Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grilled Skirt Steak

The kids have been back in school for a little over a month now and I'm happy to report that we've settled back into a more consistent dinner routine.  We still have practices and games and evening  activities to juggle but we're managing to sit down and eat dinner together most nights. The biggest challenge to getting back on schedule was getting myself in the habit of starting dinner at 4:00 in the afternoon so that it's ready to eat by the time everyone walks in the door. 

I have been on the lookout for weeknight meals that I can make quickly so that I won't have to start dinner preparations quite so early.  I love this recipe for grilled skirt steak because I was able to reheat it and use it in three different meals!

I had it on a spinach salad on the night that I grilled it and Ben and the kids ate it plain.  I used it a couple days later to make a fajita pizza and then I used it again to make fajitas for Sunday afternoon lunch.  Now that's what I would call a versatile piece of meat!  Nobody even suspected that we were eating leftovers and it cut dinner prep time in half because I didn't need to spend time grilling every night. 

This is a Dean McDermott recipe.  I had never tried one of his recipes before but it looked promising.  (and simple) 
  • 4 lbs. skirt steak
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 liter (33.8 oz. bottle) Coca-Cola
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 3 oz. bourbon
 To prepare the sauce, combine coke, ketchup and bourbon in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer until reduced by half.

Season steak with salt and pepper.  Place on a HOT grill.  Stand back and listen for the sizzle.

Dip steak in sauce before flipping over to finish grilling.

Slice thinly across the grain.

I ate my steak over a spinach salad with pistachios, dried cranberries and a sprinkling of blue cheese.

The kids prefer their steak - straight up.

This steak was DELICIOUS.  I'll post the recipe for my fajita pizza on the blog soon.  Be sure and check back because you definitely don't want to miss that post.  If your looking for another great skirt steak recipe - check out my yummy carne asada recipe.



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  3. Yum! What a delicious recipe you have there. Cooking meals like this can save someone money, why? Because they could invite their friends or special someone at home and serve this delicious treat! If time forbids them to do so, there are still good restaurants out there that serve good food at a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing; will definitely try this one out over the weekend.

    Sam Francovich @Grill At Quail Corners