Monday, August 11, 2014

Neapolitan Cake

Photo: Neopolitian cake!

What happens when I combine three of my favorite cake flavors into one cake?  Neapolitan cake happens!

A layer of fruity, strawberry cake...

A layer of rich, dark chocolate mocha cake ...

And a layer of light, fluffy white cake ...

Cover the entire cake in ribbons of cream cheese frosting and you've achieved a whole new level of cake perfection. 

You can click on the links to get all three cake recipes.  Yes, it's a HUGE pain to bake three separate cake layers and it would be a lot easier to make one batter and flavor it three different ways - thanks for asking.  BUT - I love all three of these cake flavors so much that it felt like a cop out to cheat and make a single cake batter. 

Just in case you were curious, this is how this cake masterpiece came together:

Start with a layer of strawberry cake on a cake circle.  Spread a layer of strawberry cream cheese frosting on top.

Place a layer of chocolate cake on top and spread chocolate cream cheese frosting on top of that.

Finish with a layer of white cake.

At this point I SHOULD have frosted the entire cake in a thin layer of white cream cheese frosting.  I didn't and I paid the price.  I had some serious issues later.  Trust me on this one - dirty ice your cake people.

Start with the strawberry cream cheese frosting, piping ribbons of frosting along the bottom edge of the cake - up to the chocolate layer.

Repeat the process with the chocolate cream cheese icing, piping ribbons on top of strawberry ribbons.

Finish by piping ribbons of cream cheese frosting to the top of the cake.

 Pipe dots along the top of the cake in concentric circles.

So there you go - a triple threat cake - strawberry, chocolate and vanilla in one slice!!!

No more standing at the bakery counter trying to decide which flavor to choose - chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.  I'll take them all - thank you.


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