Thursday, February 9, 2012

Colorful Dinner

I usually don't think about grilling kabobs in February but the weather has been so beautiful that I've been inspired to light up my Big Green Egg lately.  I had planned to make chicken kebobs on the Egg this week but when I got to the grocery store, I changed my plans.  The turkey tenderloins looked really good at Whole Foods so I decided to use turkey instead of chicken on my kabobs.

Even though I think it looks really pretty to alternate vegetables and meats on a single skewer, it's really not very practical.  The vegetables usually cook much quicker than the meat and I end up with over done veggies.  I separated my vegetables onto their own skewers so that I can cook each vegetable to perfection.

I skewered some baby bella mushrooms...

and some slices of zucchini...

and some sweet red bell peppers...

and some red onion wedges.

Together, I had quite a colorful collection of vegetables for grilling.

I cut the turkey tenderloins up into bite size pieces.

I stirred together a simple ginger marinade.

Ginger Marinated Chicken
½ cup soy sauce                     1 teaspoon garlic powder
¼ cup ketchup                        1 teaspoon ginger
¼ cup brown sugar                1 teaspoon mustard
1 Tablespoon oil                     6 chicken breasts
1 Tablespoon molasses

I poured the marinade over the turkey and put it in the refrigerate for about 2 hours. 

I grilled my vegetables first.

I grilled my turkey kabobs second.

I grilled twice as much turkey as I thought we would need for dinner because I wanted to use some another meal.   The kabobs were such a big hit that we ended up eating all of them for dinner.  It's back to the grocery store for me.  I'm really glad that everyone liked the dinner.


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