Friday, August 10, 2012

Stuffed Burgers

Anyone up for a burger stuffed with provolone cheese, topped with crispy bacon, creamy avocado and crisp tomatoes?  If that's your sort of burger - I have got the perfect recipe for you.

I started by making 6 thin hamburger patties out of 1 1/4 pounds of 85% lean ground beef.

I topped 3 of the patties with a thick slice of provolone cheese.  (Pepper jack would be good too.)

I sandwiched the cheese inside 2 patties to make 3 big burgers.  I think that I should have sealed the edges of the burgers together a little bit better because some of the cheese leaked out while they were cooking.

Ben cooked the burgers on the Egg perfectly.  (He wrapped the precooked bacon in foil and heated it on the Egg at the same time.)

I topped the burgers with 2 strips of bacon, 3 slices of fresh avocado and some fresh tomato slices from a friend's garden.  The burgers were so big that they even made the buns look tiny. 

I admit that I didn't actually eat one of these mouth watering burgers.   I think that I opted for a salad instead but my family really seemed to enjoy them.  They certainly look delicious but I just wasn't in the mood for a burger at the time.


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