Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Taco Salad Shells

I love the crispy taco shells that Mexican restaurants serve their taco salads in, but I usually avoid them because their fried.  I never really thought about making them at home because I assumed that they had to be fried but I recently ran across a recipe for a baked version of these crispy shells so I decided to give them a try.

I pulled some leftover chicken out of my refrigerator and added a little taco seasoning to make my filling for the baked shells. 

Tortilla Shells
Spray the tortillas with cooking spray and put in an upside muffin tun.  (I only fit 3 in each tin.)  Bake 12 minutes at 375.  Allow to cool in tins.

I think they look like little bicycle seats.

After the shells cool, you can remove them from the tin and fill with your favorite toppings.

Chicken, cheese and salsa was one combination.

Lettuce, chicken, cheese, salsa and avocado was another combination.

This was a fun way to make leftover night more exciting.  The possibility of things that you could serve in these shells is really endless. It would be a great way to serve a fresh fruit salad as well.  A perfect way to serve eggs or tiny salads at a brunch.  My gears are turning now - I can hardly wait to make these shells again so I can fill them with something new.


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