Thursday, November 7, 2013

Breakfast Muffins

I found this sign on Pinterest and to me - it perfectly describes Fall.  (By the way, are you following me on Pinterest yet?) 

i love fall

Yup, that's what Fall is all about.  I am making it my goal to cross each and every one of these things off my list before this delightful season comes to an end - and some of them more than once.  I want to know what you're doing to make the most out of your Fall? 

If making a nice warm breakfast for your family is on your Fall "to do" list, you may want to add these little breakfast muffins to your menu.  They're simple and easy enough to make on a school day but elegant enough to serve at a weekend bunch too.  Pair them with a simple fruit salad and some whole grain bread and you've got a delicious fall breakfast for your family.

This recipe came from my Taste of Home magazine and they were called Breakfast-in-a-muffin.   I made some modifications to the recipe (what's new?) and renamed them breakfast muffins.  I think you're going to like these.

Breakfast Muffins
1/3 pound bulk sausage
3 eggs
1/8 teaspoon seasoned salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 package corn bread/muffin mix
3/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Cook sausage until no longer pink.
 Remove from skillet.

 Whisk eggs, seasoned salt and pepper together.

Add to empty skillet and cook until eggs are set.

Prepare cornbread mix according to package directions. 

Add eggs, sausage and cheese to mixture.

Scoop into paper lined muffin tins.

Bake 10 minutes at 400.

There you go - super easy - bakes in 10 minutes kind of easy - recipe for a warm breakfast treat.  These are a perfect for a cool Fall morning before you head out the door.  My family gobbled them all up so I didn't get the change to freeze any but I'm pretty sure that these would freeze well.  Give it a try and let me know how they turn out.

Enjoy this beautiful season.


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