Friday, November 29, 2013

Chicken and Rice Soup

I hope that all of you were able to gather with your family and friends around a Thanksgiving table this week to create some new memories.  The relationships that happen around the table and in the kitchen are much more important than the food that is served.

I always plan for a few extra servings of turkey on Thanksgiving so that there are plenty of leftovers.  We look forward to turkey sandwiches and wraps all weekend.  I also have big plans for that turkey carcass - SOUP!

I made a test batch of soup a couple of weeks ago.  Remember that bistro roast chicken?  Well, it was so flavorful and juicy that I couldn't bear to waste any of it.  I carved off as much meat off of the carcass as I could and then I used the rest to make the most delicious chicken soup.

I found my inspiration for my soup on the Williams Sonoma website and even though their version was for a turkey soup - my chicken was a great substitute.  I am going to give you the Williams Sonoma version as it appears on the website - just in case you would prefer to do it with your leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

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