Monday, November 11, 2013

Walking Tacos


A trip to the North Georgia mountains has become somewhat of a Fall tradition for our family.  We usually start at the apple orchard and eat pick way through the endless rows of apples.  The orchards are so beautiful that even if you don't like apples - it's still worth the trip to the mountains.  

This year we picked a couple different varieties of apples.  This was a tree loaded with red delicious apples.  

It didn't take long for the kids to fill the bags with apples.

And of course, Ben is always ready to team up with Courtney to reach the apples at the top of the tree.

 Ryan found and empty apple crate in the orchard too.

The orchard that we like to visit also has a petting farm.  They had the friendliest cow that I have ever seen.  Seriously - I wanted to bring this cow home with us.  He warmed up to us immediately and before we said goodbye, he had licked everyone of us on the leg.

There were other animals too, but none stole our hearts like that sweet little cow.

After the petting farm, we took turns shooting the apple cannon.

This was our target --- we all missed.

We came home with a peck of apples but more importantly, memories from another great day in the North Georgia mountains. 

I packed a picnic to eat at the orchard but we got delayed because of traffic so we ended up eating our picnic in the car.

I was trying to stay away from sandwiches since the kids eat plenty of those for lunch during the week.  I used mason jars to make walking tacos.  These are so easy to make and totally customizable.

I layered my tacos with crushed tortilla chips, diced chicken, cheese and lettuce.  You could certainly add a layer of beans, salsa or even chili to make them unique. 

Tying the fork to the jar just makes it even more convenient for a picnic.  I also brought some tortilla with us so that we could dump the whole jar into a tortilla and eat it like a taco instead of eating it out of the jar.  These walking tacos are a great alternative to sandwiches for lunches on the go.


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