Saturday, May 10, 2014

Strawberry Shortcakes

Happy (Early) Mother's Day Mom!

I'm sure that all of you are already aware but just in case it snuck up on you - yes, tomorrow is Mother's day. 

I will be relaxing with my family tomorrow but unfortunately, my mom and I couldn't be together this year for Mother's Day.  (I hate that we live so far apart.)  It always feels like just a little something is missing when I don't get to see my mom on Mother's Day.

My mom and I are also celebrating birthday's next week which means that we will be celebrating quite a lot in the next couple of weeks.  (By the way, I am going to be a basket case by the time I get through Mothers' Day and my birthday and Ryan's graduation all within less than 2 weeks.  Consider yourself warned.)  Not sure what makes me feel older, celebrating another birthday or watching my 18 year old son walk across the graduation stage.  Either way - I'm feeling my age this week.  

For those of you who are thinking of making a special treat for you're mom - these Fresh Strawberry Shortcakes might be just what you were looking for.  They are easy to put together - they don't require any fancy equipment - they are delicious AND they look elegant enough to serve to your mom.  This recipe was adapted from Cooking Light.

Fresh Strawberry Shortcakes
3/4 cup white flour
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/8 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
2 Tablespoons butter
1/2 cup cold buttermilk
1 Tablespoon canola oil
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
2 Tablespoons powdered sugar

Combine flour, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, baking powder, salt and baking soda.

Melt butter in microwave.

Stir cold buttermilk into butter.

Add oil and vanilla.

Fold in dry ingredients.

 Scoop onto silpat lined baking sheet.

Bake 12 minutes at 450.

Combine yogurt, cream and powdered sugar in mixing bowl with whisk.

Slice biscuits in half, top with strawberries and whipped cream and replace top half.

I'm pretty sure that if you made one of these for your mom, it would make her feel special.


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