Thursday, November 13, 2014

WInter Garden

I am loving the new garden that Ben and my dad built for me last year.  I had so much fun with my tomatoes and peppers this summer and now that we're heading into a cooler season - I planted a winter garden.

Since this is my first attempt at a winter garden, I headed to the garden center at the local garden center to check out the selection of plants for my winter garden.  There were a lot of nice leafy greens like Kale and swiss chard and lots of cabbage but we really don't eat a lot of those.  After brousing through the plants for nearly 30 minutes, I finally decided to stick to the basics - a lettuce garden and a few broccoli plants.  (Above)

Fortunately, there was a great selection of lettuce plants for me to choose from.  I ended up with red romaine...

green romaine,

red leaf lettuce,

 and butter lettuce.

A few weeks ago, I cut my first little bundle of lettuce.  (I was so excited.)

I got it all washed up, put it through the salad spinner and then laid it out on a towel to let it dry completely.

 And of course, I made a salad.

A few craisins, pistachios and some gruyere cheese finish off my salad perfectly.

A salad with the very freshest lettuce that grows in my own garden - delicious!


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