Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cabana Grill Tortilla Tacos

Courtney and I were out shopping for her summer reading books last week and we decided to stop and grab some lunch on our way home.  There was a new place called Cabana Grill that I had been wanting to try so I talked her into being co-guinea pigs and trying out the new restaurant.

We both agreed that it was REALLY good.  I would call it semi-fast food.  (Order at the counter and food is brought to your table.)  Everything on the menu sounded really fresh and delicious.  I settled on a chicken fajita bowl.  (A little like a taco salad minus the deep fried tortilla bowl.)  It was super tasty.  I topped my fajita bowl with all kinds of yummy things from the salsa bar too.

Courtney had chicken fajita nachos and they were equally delicious.  I'm not a huge nacho fan but even I couldn't stop munching on her giant plate of nachos.

Before we left, we ordered sopaipillas with honey.  They were just as decadent as we imagined.  We also ordered a dozen tortillas to bring home for dinner.  They arrived at our table all wrapped in foil and PIPING HOT!  I was so excited about the warm handmade tortillas that I scratched my plan for dinner right then and there and started making my grocery store list so that we could have tacos with these yummy little tortillas for dinner. 

Even though we both had chicken for lunch, Courtney chose chicken for the tacos for dinner too.  We gathered up our warm tortillas, stopped at the grocery store for the rest of the ingredients on the way home and then headed home to make our taco dinner.

Directions for my super easy chicken tacos with Cabana Grill tortillas:
Sprinkle 3 chicken breasts with salt, pepper and oregano.


Heat tortillas on the grill once the chicken is finished.

Slice chicken.

Serve in Cabana tortillas with salsa, cheese and avocado.

This was a delicious - prepare in 15 minute kind of meal.  Perfect for summer.


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