Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Trying to eliminate lactose from your diet but finding it hard to avoid butter?  I have the answer - Ghee!  (It rhymes with me.)

First, a quick science lesson:  According to pureindianfoods.com, most dairy intolerance is caused from foods that still contain significant amounts of the milk solids. The milk solids in dairy products are where the proteins and sugars are found. In general, the liquid portion of milk (the whey and butterfat) is not what causes dairy intolerance (or allergic reactions) but if they do, trace remnants of milk solids that remain in with the whey or butterfat are the likely culprits for triggering problems.

So how do we get rid of the milk solids (and lactose) while preserving the butterfat?  The answer is clarified butter or ghee.  (Basically two different names for the same thing.)  It's super simple to make ghee at home and it's a great way for anyone who is trying to avoid lactose in their diet, to still enjoy butter.


Follow these easy instructions to make your own ghee.
Place 2 sticks of butter in a heavy saucepan.

Turn heat to simmer and allow to melt. 

Butter will start to foam and the milk solids will sink to the bottom.

When the mixture starts to become translucent and you can see the bottom, its done.  (Be careful of letting it turn brown unless you want browned butter.)

Use a paper towel lined strainer to pour the butter into a jar for storage.

What is leftover are the milk solids.  (I'm pretty sure the paper towel is overkill but didn't want to accidentally let any of the solids sneak into my clarified butter.)

 Store the ghee at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

 Now you're set.  Use ghee just like you would use butter. 

Super simple and really tasty.

This one's for you dad.


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  1. If you aren't lactose intolerant, don't toss those milk solids! They can be used for so many different things. A tiny amount can add a lot of flavor to anything you can think of, like steamed vegetables or oatmeal. Or, as a decadent treat, make some fresh air-popped popcorn and toss with a bit of milk solids! Scrumptious!