Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday Blog

One year ago today, I published my first blog post.  I went back and read over my very first blog post and it made me smile.  My blog was called Meals For Busy Families, the recipe was for shrimp salad and it had only 1 picture.  (Oh, how the blog has changed.) 

When I started the blog, I really didn't know what to expect or where it would lead but I was eager to share my recipes with whoever was willing to look at them.  (To be honest, I thought that my mom would really be the only person interested in what I was making for dinner every night.) Thanks to facebook and some really great friends who recommended my blog to their friends, it didn't take long for word about the blog to spread.  The response from blog followers was overwhelming.  

In August, I officially joined the Food bloggers
community as a featured publisher for Foodbuzz.  I LOVE being a part
of Foodbuzz.  


In October, I was a guest blogger at the Big Green Egg's annual Eggtoberfest at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.



By December of last year, it had become apparent that the blog was evolving into more than merely a means of documenting recipes but also an avenue for me to share the stories of my life with all of you.  I started to work on a new blog and by the middle of January I stopped blogging under the Meals for Busy Families title and I started my new blog, more appropriately named; My Story in Recipes.  My very first recipe under the new blog - Cherry Bomb Cupcakes.

In February, I hosted my first 24x24 blog event sponsored by Foodbuzz - a heart healthy dinner party.

In May, Foodbuzz sent me to Canoe for the most amazing dinner as part of the live 24x24 blog event. 

When I started this whole process, I knew very little about blogging but I somehow managed to fumble my way through.  I've learned a lot since last July.  It has been a whirlwind of a year and to those of you that have come along on this journey with me - thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love to you all, Amy
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