Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Make your own pizza night

"Make your own pizza night" is always a big hit at our house.  The kids love it because they get to load their very own pizza with all of their favorite toppings.  I love it because it's a great way to use up all the vegetables in the refrigerator.  With that goal in mind, I planned our pizza night for the week before we were leaving on vacation.  This time of year when fresh vegetables are at their peak, we always have an abundance of vegetables in the house.  I pulled some bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and asparagus out of the frig and I added a tomato that had been ripening on the counter.  I also picked some fresh basil from my garden to add to the vegetable pizza toppings.  I sliced all of the fresh vegetables and put them on a cutting board - ready to adorn a pizza.

I made a batch of pizza dough and after it rose for an hour, I divided it into 4 small doughs so we could each have our own individual pizza. 

Once the toppings were prepared, all that was left was to put out the cheese and the sauce and call the kids to the kitchen to make their pizza.

My daughter did an excellent job on her pepperoni and cheese pizza.

My son also made a pepperoni and cheese pizza. (Where is their sense of adventure?)

I made Ben's pizza because he got held up at work.  Mushrooms and pepperoni on a super thin crust for him.

As you can imagine, my pizza was LOADED with vegetables. 

All of the vegetables that were left over got added to a bed of romaine lettuce - instant salad.

The pizza's came out beautifully.  The kids pepperoni pizzas were perfect.

Ben's mushroom and pepperoni pizza looked positively irresistible.

And of course, my veggie lovers pizza was divine.

We ditched the plates for this meal and we ate our pizza right off the cutting boards.

If you need some tips on grilling pizzas on the Big Green Egg you can check out my blog post from last August.  My pizza dough recipe is also on that blog post.  Even if you don't have an Egg,  you can still have homemade pizza night and bake your pizzas in the oven.  Enjoy!


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  1. DIY pizza nights might be a better idea than just ordering out. Though it would’ve been a great way to get them to eat veggies. Too bad they went with the classic pepperoni. Still, they look delicious!

    Carlene @ Incredible Pizza