Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crock Pot Country Ribs

One afternoon last week, I rushed home from my son's cross country meet at 5:30 to get dinner on the table and then take my daughter to soccer practice by 6:30.   (No problem.)  These are the days when I'm grateful for my crock pot.  I love that I can put dinner together before I even clean up breakfast and 8 hours later - voila - it's ready to serve.

My brother is the master of throwing ingredients together without a recipe and he makes the most masterful dinners.  I rarely cook without a recipe in hand.  He cooks like a scientist, adding just the right amount of acid and seasoning and sauce.  I, on the other hand, live by my recipes and I rarely trust myself enough to cook without one.  With a package of country ribs in the refrigerator and an afternoon filled with activities, I was left with no choice - it was time to start "cooking like Scott."  I sent the kids off to school, pulled out my crock pot and started to assembled dinner - at 8:00 am.

Crock Pot Country Ribs
Small potoatoes
1 onion, sliced thin
6 country ribs
fresh thyme
salt and pepper

I started vegetables that I knew my family would eat - potatoes and onions. 

I arranged the country ribs on top of the potatoes, seasoned them with salt and pepper and then topped them with some sprigs of fresh thyme.

Fast forward to 8 hours later - cross country meet is over, homework is is full swing, 1 child is preparing for soccer practice and everyone is starving.  Crock pot dinner to the rescue.  I served my pork and potatoes with applesauce and whole wheat rolls and everyone was happy.

The pictures don't really do this meal justice.  I was lacking some serious color on this dinner plate but there was just no time to worry about color, I was much more concerned with getting dinner on the table quickly than I was with presentation. 

Coming home to a piping hot meal at 5:30 - priceless.  I think I am going to be using my crock pot quite a lot this Fall.   If you've got a good crock pot recipe - send it to me.  I would love to try it.


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