Friday, September 21, 2012

Pudding Parfaits

When my kids were younger, they used to love worms and dirt sundaes.  (Chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms.)  Since they have gotten older and perhaps outgrown the "worms and dirt" sundae, I decided to give the classic dessert a little update and perhaps a new name.  I know that they still like the pudding and oreo combination (something you just never outgrow) so I replaced the gummy worms with a basil leaf.  The new version is just as cute and the kids still loved it.

You need 2 things to make a chocolate pudding parfait:  crushed oreos and chocolate pudding.

I layered mine in tiny little mason jars.

I also added a small herb basil leaf to make it look like it was growing out of the oreo "dirt." 

Knowing that this wouldn't be nearly enough to satisfy my hungry teenagers, I also made some bigger pparfaits in plastic cups.


The kids were not very impressed with the basil leaf sticking out of the top - they're much more interested in taste than presentation.  Everyone loved the parfaits.


I also made some banana pudding parfaits.  I thought the kids would love these too. 

Turns family is not as fond of banana pudding as they are of chocolate pudding.  (Who knew?)  

I thought these banana pudding parfaits were delicious.  Chances are, by next week their tastes will change and they will be asking for more banana pudding.


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