Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Respect the Bird

Poor Thanksgiving doesn't get nearly the respect that it deserves.  Thanksgiving is only one day away and it seems as though it has been overlooked before it even arrives.  Living in the shadow of black Friday must be extremely difficult.  I have decided that I am going to pay proper respect to the Thanksgiving holiday by NOT playing Christmas music or putting up Christmas decorations at my house until Friday.  You can join me in my campaign to bring the respect back to Thanksgiving by going to


Today is the day that I pull out all of my Thanksgiving food that has been stored in my freezer.  Just in case you missed any of the recipes, clicking on the name will link you to the blog with the recipe.

Pumpkin Pie (Recipe not available yet)

All of that yummy Thanksgiving food will go into my refrigerator along with the cranberries and the turkey.  (Thank goodness for a second refrigerator.) 

With all of those parts of the meal completed, my to do list for tomorrow is relatively short.  The turkey will go on the Big Green Egg to cook in the morning.  While the turkey cooks, I'll make salad, fresh green beans and sweet potatoes to complete the dinner.

I enjoy spending time in the kitchen but on Thanksgiving Day I would much rather spend time with family and friends.  Gathering around the table with those people that I love is the most important part of the day.  I always try to remember that the meal is just a small part of Thanksgiving and not nearly as important as reflecting on all of my blessings.  If you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, don't let it stress you out.  Relax and enjoy the day.

Bon Appetit!

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