Friday, September 23, 2011

Healthy Inspiration

I made my first trip to Earth Fare in Athens today and I must say I was blown away.  The mission of this healthy supermarket: "To feed and inspire the healthy person inside you."  From time to time, I think we all need a little encouragement to continue (or even to start) healthy eating habits.  If you are looking for some motivation - head to your local Earth Fare market and prepare to be inspired.   

The bushels of fresh produce are outstanding.  Where else can you find a french butter pear?  Most everything was organic and looked really fresh.  I had to stop myself from buying one of everything. 

They also have a LOT of bulk foods.  Check out this selection of specialty flours, rice, couscous, granola, etc.  I was overwhelmed by all of the choices.  Now I know where to go when I am looking for a specialty ingredient for a recipe.

My next stop on my trip around the store - trail mix heaven.  I am such a sucker for trail mix and I couldn't end my trip to Earth Fare without trying a least one.  After about 5 minutes of trying to decided, I finally settled on one with cashews, almonds, dried fruit and dark chocolate stars.   (pictured below on right)

 There was also a barrel full of chocolate covered malt balls - serious chocolate.  (picture above on left)

As I browsed through the isles of the store, this bulk spice display caught my eye.  I don't know who came up with this idea but it's genius.  The concept - portion out the amount of spice that you need from the bulk jars and pay for only the amount that you are going to use.  I can't tell you how many jars of spices are in my pantry that I hardly ever use because I needed 1 teaspoon of a specific spice for a recipe.  I end up throwing the rest of the jar away because it expires before I have the chance to use it.  I love the idea of bulk spices.

This is a just a portion of the cheese selection at Earth Fare.  I was totally impressed with the variety of the cheese that they had to offer. 

They also have an extensive wine collection to go along with these fabulous cheeses. 

I could go on and on about all of the things that this supermarket has to offer.  They offer a full service deli, bakery and meat department.  They even have a family friendly eating area for customers who want to stop in for a quick bite to eat.  Next time that I go to Earth Fare, I'm going for lunch because their sandwiches looked amazing. 

The best part about shopping at this supermarket is knowing that they don't sell anything that contains trans fats, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup or synthetic grown hormones.

Before I left, I had a chance to talk with the community relations coordinator of the store and she even hooked me up with this awesome goodie bag.  I am super excited to try the gluten free Namaste chocolate cake mix.  (Be on the lookout for that blog soon.) 

I highly recommend that you check out your local Earth Fare supermarket - you won't be disappointed. 

Bon Appetit!

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