Monday, September 19, 2011

Road Trip

I've said it before and I will say it again - I LOVE Trader Joe's.  If you are lucky enough to live by a Trader Joe's, you need to check it out.

They have a great selection of produce.  Lots of organic produce too.

Check out this selection of hummus.  My personal favorite - Edamame Hummus - it's awesome.

They also have a huge selection of cheeses,


  and nuts.

I love their Sparkling Water so much that I have to buy it by the case.

When you go to Trader Joe's, you need to browse through their wine and beer department.  I recommend the Pinot Grigio and the Cabernet Sauvignon.  It's hard to believe that a bottle of wine that costs less than $5.00 can be so good. 

Some of the things that I bought on my latest trip to Trader Joe's:  Almond Butter, Dried Mango slices, Greek Yogurt and Butternut Squash Triangoli

My other favorite Trader Joe's finds:  Chocolate and Raspberry Trail mix, Lite Kettle Corn Popcorn, Frozen Fish and Mini Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches.

By the way if you ever want to completely embarrass your family - take a big camera with you to the grocery store and start snapping pictures.  They might just hide.

Bon Appetit!

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